Top 5 Jewelry Trends 2022

Top 5 Jewelry Trends 2022

Jewelry has seen a surge in new and exciting trends, and this new year will be full of aesthetic styles- some new, and some classic with a fresh twist.

Read on to discover the 5 Top Jewelry Trends for 2022, sourced straight from the runway, and our fashion-forward favs on Insta. This forecast will help you be up to date on what jewelry styles are the most coveted right now.


Pearls have been mesmerizing people from the time they were discovered (5th Century B.C.) until the present day. They are associated with timelessness, and are the definitive image of intelligence and class. The luminous beauty of the pearl has long been associated with the moon, and its energy has always been profoundly feminine. Esteemed by many for their calming effects, pearls represent peacefulness, while bringing strength to valuable relationships and convey a feeling of safety.

And for the lovers out there- wearing pearls is said to attract the Gemini man, as pearls are the birthstone for June. They are also the gift for the 3rd and 30th wedding anniversaries. 


Since ancient times, the chain has enjoyed a coveted place in jewelry. It represents eternal love and all the other good stuff about human connection: the eternity of the circle linked, without beginning or end, to other circles. The classic chain is used in a multitude of Jewelry styles, but you may have noticed a new trend being sported by all the effortlessly chic fashionistas…

Chunky chains! Whether it’s a necklace, bracelet, or even a ring, chunky chain jewelry has become a staple piece for the fashion forward. Why does it catch our eye? Perhaps it’s because that extra weight of gold sends a statement of luxury, while requiring no effort to mix or match. You can dress it up or down, from evening wear to lounge wear, and maintain that luxury air to your ensemble. Wearing a luxe statement piece like chunky chain necklace or bracelet says “this girl knows her worth and isn’t afraid to flaunt it”. And you don’t have to break the bank to afford it.


When you hear of charm jewelry you might think of the tacky charm bracelets from our teenage days. But 2020 has given charms in jewelry a whole new look, and we find it adorably chic!

Why are charms so special? Not only have they been used throughout history and cultures for personal reasons like protection or expressions of religion, but they are objects unique to you that allow you to express yourself or your passions. Whether it’s crosses, coins, tiny hearts, or petitte Eiffel Towers, charm jewelry is endearing to the wearer and makes your jewelry that much more special. Show your love by wearing what you love!


You may have seen chokers come and go throughout the decades, and that’s because they are truly a classic accessory that has been admired all throughout history! Chokers have been gracing the necks of ladies like Marie Antoinette, and always make a statement. Whether it’s a simple ribbon, a pendant adorned velvet band, or a touch of lace, chokers can be simple or luxurious, and will always stand out from the crowd.

It is known that the Choker necklace is seen as sensual and elegant, as it adorns the most feminine part of a woman- her neck! Therefore bringing attention to her throat and exposing her décolleté in a way that is romantic and sensual.


You’ll see this trend on the runway, and it’s no wonder, as we take the time to dig deep and discover ourselves more during this crazy year. For centuries we have looked to the stars to seek comfort or enlightenment, and there’s no better time than now to learn more about your traits, and be proud of what makes you, you.

2020 has us tuning in to the Stars to bring inspiration, and they are a guiding light as you pursue your dreams.

They may be far away, but they are alive inside us- a way to relate to one another through the constellations we call our own. What better way to express yourself than by getting a little celestial this season? Wear your stars and be proud, and you know others will love the subtle clue to get to know you better!