What does 950 mean on Jewelry? Unveiling the Mystery

What does 950 mean on Jewelry? Unveiling the Mystery

Are you wondering what the stamped markings on your jewelry mean? If you closely look at the inside of your rings, you are likely to notice symbols or markings like “950”. You may even notice other numbers or symbols stamped inside the rings. 

You may wonder what these markings are and what the reason behind such numbers being stamped on your jewelry is. What does 950 mean on jewelry? Is it necessary for your jewelry to be marked with numbers? 

All your questions revolving around such strange symbols and numbers on your jewelry will be answered in this guide. Let’s first understand what these stamped markings indicate and why they are necessary.  

Why is Jewelry Marked with Numbers?

The number stamped on your jewelry indicates the level of purity of that particular metal. If you notice the number “950” being marked on your silver ring, it indicates that your ring is 95% silver and 5% alloy. 

Therefore, any jewelry with 950 stamped on it will be 95% pure metal and 5% alloy. Since this mark reveals the purity of your jewelry, the 950 mark will point to excellent quality. Similarly, your jewelry might be stamped with other numbers to let you know its level of purity. As the number marked on your jewelry increases, its purity and value also increase. 

Which Jewelry Metals are Marked with 950?

Jewelry metals like silver, palladium, and platinum are usually stamped with a 950 mark to indicate the level of their purity. You may not notice the 950 mark on precious metals other than these because jewelry carved out of a precious metal like gold does not match the level of purity of silver, platinum, or palladium jewelry. 

A 950Pt mark on your jewelry would mean that your jewelry is carved out of 95% pure platinum. It is the only platinum alloy that can be stamped with a "platinum" mark to be sure that it is 95 percent pure platinum.

Gold jewelry is usually stamped with numbers like 375 (9K), 585 (14k), 916 (22k), and 750 (18K). This is because of how soft pure gold is. Jewelry carved out of pure gold will be damaged within a span of a few days. Therefore, you will have to use a considerable amount of metal alloy along with gold in your jewelry. If you are looking for 

Since metals like silver, palladium, and platinum alloy do not require this aid, your jewelry can be made purely out of these metals without a significant amount of alloy. This is why jewelry carved out of these metals is usually stamped with a 950 mark. You can easily spot these stamped markings on your jewelry. 

Importance of Markings on Jewelry Items’ Purity

Markings are essential on jewelry items to determine their worth and purity. Jewelers, insurance companies, and appraisers make use of such markings for various purposes, as the level of purity matters to them. 

Without these numbers stamped on the jewelry, jewelers will not be able to ascertain its worth and decide the amount that can be charged for it. Similarly, appraisers are required to appraise jewelry accurately and timely. 

Such marking will be quite useful for them as well. Even for insurance companies, these numbers engraved on the jewelry hold great importance. They help such companies determine the amount to be charged on the jewelry in order to insure it. 

If you are someone who is allergic to specific metals, you would want to know about the purity of the jewelry you are wearing, as impure jewelry metals could harm you. Although these numbers engraved on your jewelry have no effect on its look, they may be significant if you intend to get your jewelry appraised or insured. 

Difference between 925 & 950 Silver Jewelry


925 silver jewelry contains 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals. Silver, with 92.5% of pure silver and 7.5% of other metals, is called sterling silver. In the case of sterling silver, other metals are mixed with silver by jewelry makers to make it more appropriate for various uses. 

Usually, copper is used with 92.5% of silver to increase its hardness. 950 silver jewelry, on the other hand, contains an increased amount of pure silver as compared to 925 silver jewelry. It contains 95% of pure silver and 5% of other metals. 


925 silver jewelry usually consists of 7.5% of copper with 92.5% of pure silver. Due to the presence of copper, the hardness of the alloy is increased. This prevents the sterling silver from bending. 

Apparently, the bendability of 925 silver jewelry is also affected. In contrast, 950 silver jewelry offers an improved level of bendability as it contains 95% of pure silver. 950 silver is softer and much more bendable as compared to sterling silver. 


Since sterling silver contains 7.5% copper along with 92.5% pure silver, the rate of oxidation is significantly reduced. This prevents 925 silver jewelry from tarnishing over time as oxidation becomes considerably slower. On the other hand, 950 silver jewelry is more likely to tarnish, and its rate of oxidation is higher as compared to 925 silver jewelry.  However, it does not oxidize as easily as fine silver.

Tarnish Resistance 

If your 925 silver jewelry consists of 92.5% of pure silver with 7.5% of copper, there is an increase in the hardness of the alloy and a decrease in oxidation. This is why 925 silver jewelry will be prevented from tarnishing. 

When germanium replaces copper, Argentium is created. If your 925 silver jewelry contains germanium instead of copper, it will offer an increased level of tarnish resistance compared to 925 silver jewelry of copper. Since 950 silver is purer than 925 silver, it is much more likely to tarnish. Therefore, 925 silver jewelry offers better tarnish resistance than 950 silver jewelry. 


Is 950 a Silver Mark?

950 is a mark that you see engraved on your silver jewelry. A 950 mark on any jewelry would indicate 95% pure metal as well as 5% alloy metal. In the case of silver jewelry, a 950 mark stamped on it would mean 95% of pure silver and 5% of alloy. 

A 950 silver mark is an indication of your jewelry’s purity and worth. 950 is not just a silver mark. It can also be found engraved on jewelry metals like palladium and platinum.

How do I know if my 950 is Silver or Platinum?

If the 950 mark on your jewelry is preceded or followed by words like “PT,” “PLAT”, or “Platinum,” it is of platinum jewelry. On the other hand, if it is preceded or followed by the letter “S,” it indicates silver.

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