About Bijou Limon

About Bijou Limon

Bijou Limon started as a passion project, but quickly evolved into a fully fledged business! It is truly a dream come true to be a part of how you express yourself through accessorizing!

A piece on its own stands motionless until you bring it to life.  Whatever meaning, history, or dreams you pour into your accessories is what truly stands the test of time, making each piece a page in the diary of your life. Let's create something unforgettable together. WELCOME to Bijou Limon.


Behind the Brand 


It all started in 2010. I was a Dental Hygienist working locally, weighed down by the traits of a full time job where you do the same thing every day. I needed an outlet for all the things I imagined, and all the pieces I designed in my head. Each idea one was tied to some story, some memory. So I left my job and invested in online learning. I designed over 100 pieces, and by 2011, BijouLimon.com was launched! Small, elegant, refreshing, and super chic. 

In 10 years, Bijou Limon has made appearances in local and international magazines such as The LAFashion,  The Celebration Society, Kaltblut Magazine and Living Albania. We have worked with amazing partners and contributors to source quality pieces, resulting in over 18,000 orders- a true passion project, and a whole lot of fun!


Bijou Limon Now


 As of recently, not only do we have exclusive designs and carefully-curated collections, but I’ve also incorporated a vintage/antique jewelry chapter to both our website and our hub on Etsy. The art and history of some of the oldest pieces I’ve collected over the years are simply too fantastic to keep to myself, so now I've released them exclusively on our site to share with fellow jewelry aficionados!

In 2019 we launched our Luxe Bijou Limon Collection in partnership with Sarah Loven. Together, with the artist/writer/influencer, we co-design pieces that exude their own stories, reminiscent of eras past. The luxe collection is dedicated to fellow romantics who look for something unique to distinguish themself and their unique style.


Made With Love


When you style your outfits with pieces from our collection, it is truly an honor for me. I am humbled that you love Bijou Limon’s designs, as they are made with so much love for the craft. Jewelry is a beautiful way to express yourself, and I’m glad we speak the same language!

Feel free to send us a message if you have any questions, check the FAQs; or let us know if you want to curate the perfect gift for someone you love. Thank you for your priceless support!


xx, Kristina
Owner - Designer


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