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How To Make A Necklace Shorter: 7 Easy Ways

How To Make A Necklace Shorter: 7 Easy Ways

Do you want to shorten a necklace to match your favorite outfit for the day? Changing the necklace length doesn’t have to be hard. You only need a few items to get the job done.

Wouldn’t it be cool to shorten a necklace for an occasion and flaunt your style? Try our stress-free tips to shorten a necklace.

How to Make a Necklace Shorter

Try the following steps if you want a temporary and easy solution to shorten a necklace according to your style. 

Move the Clasp 

This method is suitable for necklaces with link chains. However, the chain should not be too thin. The clasp should be small or medium-sized. A big clasp cannot be moved on a link chain (don’t worry, we’ve got other methods for you). 

Things you need:

  • Padded wire clippers/pliers
  • Small clasp
  • Clasp ring
  • Marker pen


  1. Grip: Hold the chain in your fingers and remove the clasp from the end. 
  2. Tools: Use padded pliers/ wire clippers if the clasp is tight. 
  3. Marking: Measure the length you want to shorten and mark the spot. 
  4. Moving the Clasp: Insert and fix the clasp on the marked spot on the chain. 
  5. Fixing: Tighten the clasp by pressing it with your nails or the tips of the clippers. 

If the clasp is small and has smaller links, use a spare ring to hook to the link and fix the clasp around the ring. Such rings can be found in bracelets and other jewelry. 

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Use an Earring

This method also works best for link chains and those with a fixed pendant. It works well for thin chains, but use earrings (ring-shaped) with only one side opening.

Things you need:

  • Marker pen
  • A small ring-shaped earring


  1. Measure: Mark the parts of the chain to hook the earring.
  2. Use the Ring: Pass the link through one end of the earring. Do the same on the other side. 
  3. Close: Close/ fix the earring. The chain’s length will be shorter, and the pendant will still be in the center. 

Choose a small-sized earring, as it will affect the length of the necklace. The location and size of the clasp don’t matter in this method. 

Make a Knot 

Here, you make a knot to shorten the chain’s length and fix the clasp in the knot. Luckily, this method can be used for temporary and permanent results. You can also make two or three knots, depending on your requirements. 

Things you need:

  • Eco-friendly glue (optional)


  1. Measure: Calculate how many inches you want to shorten the necklace. 
  2. Tie a Knot: Hold the two sides of the chain together to roll them over your fingers and pull them into a knot. 
  3. Clasp Inside the Knot: The clasp has to be fixed inside the knot so that it won’t slip out. Chains with smaller clasps will need two-three knots. 
  4. Tighten: The knot has to be tight if you want long-lasting results. Tug gently but firmly. Don’t over-tug, as it can damage the chain. 
  5. Double Knot: Hold the chain against your neck and measure if it is at the right length. If not, make another knot over the first one. 
  6. Use Glue: Apply some glue on the chain when tightening the knot. This ensures that the knot won’t come loose or slip open. 

The above step is useful for thicker, wider, and bulkier chains. Use eco-friendly glue and let it completely dry before wearing the necklace.

Use a Safety Pin 

This is another easy way to shorten a necklace. 

Things you need:

  • Marker pen
  • Strong safety pin 


  1. Measure: Measure the length of the chain and gently slip the small links through the safety pin. 
  2. Close and Adjust: Close the safety pin and adjust its position at the back of your neck. 

Use a new/ strong safety pin to avoid injuries. However, this method is suitable if you pull your hair up or have an open-back outfit. The safety pin should not be visible.

Other Easy Ways to Shorten a Necklace 

The below methods require an investment or a couple of tools to shorten the necklace. 

Get a Necklace Shortener  

A necklace shortener clip is similar to an earring but works with different chains. Many models are available in the market. Grab a couple of them online. 

Use Eyepin  and Wire Clippers 

You need a new eyepin and a pair of clippers for this method. Try this if you are used to DIY activities. 

Things you need:

  • Wire clippers (padded)
  • Eyepin
  • Clasp (small to medium)


  1. Open Eyepin: Open the closed loop at the end of the eyepin using clippers. Slide the link into it and seal it closed. 
  2. Curve the Tip: Use the clippers’ tip to curve the eyepin and bend it into a second loop. 
  3. Twist: Continue to twist the eyepin to resemble a braid. This is to strengthen the joint. 
  4. Loop Hole: Make a closed loophole at the end of the eyepin to hook the clasp. 

This is a permanent method (though it can be reversed). You can cut the short chain short with the clippers before using the eyepin if you want it to shorten the necklace forever. 

Take it to a Jeweler 

The best solution is to take the necklace to a jeweler. You can ask them to make the chain’s length adjustable by inserting rings at measured distances. 

Stone and Pearl Necklaces 

Necklaces with stonesbeads, and pearls are different from metal chains. Excess twisting or tightening can snap the wire and destroy the beads. Here’s what you can do to shorten these necklaces: 

  • Redo: Remove the beads/ pearls and rethread them from scratch. 
  • Tool: Use an 8-shaped necklace shortener to wrap the chain in a double loop. This works with pearl and bead necklaces. 


Shortening a necklace is possible but can be tricky. You can play with the chain’s length when you’re sure about what you want. Make your decision based on the chain’s strength, durability, and requirements. 

When in doubt, contact a jeweler and ask for advice. Check out the latest collection of customized necklaces on Bijou Limon and get adjustable necklaces to wear at every occasion. 

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