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Necklace Styling 101: What Necklace to wear with what Neckline?

Necklace Styling 101: What Necklace to wear with what Neckline?

You have the perfect outfit ready for the occasion. The accessories are paired and matched, but there’s a catch. You aren’t sure which necklace will be the best choice for the neckline. 

Matching the necklace with the neckline has to appear effortless. For example, long rope necklaces match well with high crew neck tops, while collar necklaces go with wide and low-cut necklines. 

In this post, we’ll discuss what necklace to wear with what neckline so you’ll have that perfect look every time. 

Importance of Wearing a Necklace that Matches the Neckline

The right choice of necklace can make you look like a diva. When the necklace complements the neckline, it enhances the beauty of the outfit. It draws attention to your neckline and highlights the collarbones. 

As a rule of thumb, the necklace should not clash with the neckline. It can be shorter or longer but not at the same height. The necklace must be at least half an inch shorter or longer than the neckline. 

Ideal Necklaces for Necklines 

Here’s a quick and easy guide to pair necklaces with a variety of necklines. 

V Neck 

The V-neck design highlights your cleavage. It makes sense that the necklace should do the same. Long necklaces with pendants align with the V shape of the neckline. Measure the length of the neckline to adjust the chain’s size. Shorten the necklace to keep it an inch or half above the neckline. 

The pendant size should be proportional to the width of the V neckline. Smaller pendants look classy with narrow V necks and vice versa. Don’t opt for a longer necklace, and avoid round necklaces with V necks.  

Turtle/ High Crew Neck 

Turtle and high crew necks pretty much cover your collarbones and throat. The necklace should be worn over the top. High-collar necklaces and chokers are a no with this style. Long necklaces, heavy pendants, and chunky neck pieces are a great choice for crew and turtle necks. 

The necklace can vary in length and hang below the collarbones and above the diaphragm. Link chains and bold jewelry can be used as statement pieces. 

Boat Neck  

Boat necks are a little similar to crew necks but wider. The same rules apply here, though there’s a change in style. With boat necks, minimalistic designs are the key. Multi-strands or asymmetrical necklaces that reach below the collarbones are a preferred choice. 

A thin chain with a small pendant works best. A 20-inch chain will be perfect for boat necklines. have a look at the Juliet Charm Necklace with an armored heart and sword pendants. It perfectly complements the boat neck. 

Collared Shirts

The best thing about collared and button-down shirts is their versatility. You can choose a necklace depending on how many buttons you want to leave open at the top. 

For example, if you want an open-cleavage style, pair the collared shirt with a choker. If you open a couple of buttons, it is similar to the V neckline. If you close all the buttons to the top, it resembles a crew/ turtle neckline. Cool, right? 

Square Necks 


Angular pendants go well with square necklines. The necklace and the pendant should end above the neckline for wide and deep squares. A longer necklace will appear mismatched and draw attention away from the neckline. 

Don’t opt for square or rectangular pendants of stones. You don’t want too many rigid and fixed lines around your neck. 


An off-shoulder neckline can be straight or sweetheart-shaped. It can be sleeveless or have sleeves of varying lengths. A chocker suits both necklines and is usually a perfect choice for off-shoulder tops. 

A long necklace can still work with Bardot tops if it is beaded or chunky. This gives you a bohemian vibe, especially when you choose bright colors. 

Scoop Necks

Scoop necklines are deeply curved and wide enough to suit different necklaces. There’s quite a bit of open skin at the neckline, and you can use it to your advantage. Layered necklaces, beads, and pearls go well with scooped necks. 

Stay away from chokers and tiny pendants. If you still want something simple, check out the Trois Pearl Necklace with three 1mm freshwater pearls

Halter Tops 

Halter tops are either off-shoulders or one-shoulder tops with a neckline close to the neck. This makes it hard to choose a necklace. Some women find it best to wear no necklace. 

However, longer and thinner necklaces can make V-necked halter tops look elegant and stylish. The necklace can be long enough to end above your belly button. Just keep it simple and minimal. But for a rounded neckline, pick a choker or short necklace with a tiny pendant. 

Asymmetrical Necklines

Remember what we said about V necklines? The same rule applies here. An asymmetrical neckline pairs wonderfully with an asymmetrical necklace. Necklaces with differently shaped beads and uncut stones are great choices. 

Other options include a high-collar necklace or a choker. In fact, a necklace with a pendant above the neckline goes well. You can also try open-collar necklaces. 

Strapless/ Low Cut

Similar to sweetheart off-shoulder necklines, strapless and low-cut dresses look stylish with chokers and short necklaces. The pendant has to sit in the hollow of the collarbones or just below it. This works really well if you have shapely and accentuated collarbones. 

You can go for minimalistic designs, pearls, or stones. Stay away from bulky pieces. Avoid long necklaces that rest on the cleavage or the chest. They ruin the beauty of the neckline. 

Final Words

After getting a sense of what types of necklaces suit different necklines, go ahead and try something creative. Don’t hesitate to experiment. Be your authentic self and have fun with your outfits. Check out  Bijou Limon’s dazzling collection of necklaces for every occasion.

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