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How to Put in Hoop Earrings? A Complete Tutorial

How to Put in Hoop Earrings? A Complete Tutorial

Are you having trouble putting in your favorite hoop earrings? As classy as they are, putting them in can be quite challenging, especially if it's your first time with hoop earrings. When I tried putting my new earrings on for the first time, I almost hurt my ears. 

But I quickly realized my mistake and learned the easiest way to wear them securely. Regardless of the difficulty, the chic look and comfort these earrings offer make them worth it, which is why you should learn the proper way of wearing them safely. 

If you are looking to learn how to put in hoop earrings securely, this detailed step-by-step guide is just for you. No matter how tricky it has been for you to wear delicate hoop earrings, following the below-listed steps will allow you to do it in the safest manner. 

How to Put in Hoop Earrings 

1. Sanitize your Hoops and Ear Lobes

It is best to sanitize your earrings before you wear them to avoid any kind of infection. The same goes for your ear lobes, as adequately cleaning them before wearing any kind of jewelry will prevent an unpleasant smell and infection. 

Therefore, before you wear your hoop earrings, do not forget to sanitize them and your ear lobes. Furthermore, wearing hoop earrings can be challenging if you are doing it for the first time. If you accidentally damage your skin and cause a small tear, the chances of infection will be lesser with sanitized hoop earrings that are free of dirt and grime. 

2. Identify the Type of Earrings you have

Different types of hoop earrings open differently. The opening and closure of your hoop earrings can vary as per the type you own. Therefore, it will be best to know the type of earrings you have before you try to put them on. 

You could have hinged hoop earrings, infinite hoop earrings, triple hoop earrings, Huggies, or traditional wire-loop earrings. Wire-loop earrings are the most common ones, and if you are looking to know how to put them on, continue reading the steps listed below. 

3. Pull the Hoop to Open it

Wire-loop earrings are pretty simple to open. One end of these earrings comes with a delicate open loop in which you are supposed to let the other end slip and close securely. To open the hoop of these earrings, all you have to do is slightly pull the hoop. 

You have to pull it with very little force until you notice the point pop out of the hoop of your earrings. You need to ensure that you don’t apply a lot of pressure or pull too far, which will misshape your hoop and bend it. 

4. Twist the Loop with Little Pressure

The next step for putting in hoop earrings is to make the opening between both ends of your earrings large enough for your ear lobes. You can use both your hands for each of the ends of your earrings. 

Use your thumb and index finger of each hand to hold both ends of the hoop earrings. While keeping one end intact, use the other hand to pull the end a little forward. By doing this, you will slightly twist the loop to make the opening bigger. However, if you do it with the least possible pressure, the shape of your wire-loop earrings will not be distorted. 

5. Put your Hoop Earring in

Finally, once you have your earrings open and ready to go in, you can take your time to slide them inside your ear lobes. Start by pushing them from the front and trying to get them through the hole. If you face difficulties, use a mirror to find the hole. A freestanding mirror would be great as you will be able to see everything you are doing. 

If you still find it challenging to put the thin end in, ask someone to help you with it. Once you are successful in getting one end of your wire-loop earrings in, slightly push it in until you find the end at the back of your ear lobes. 

6. Secure the Closing

After getting your hoop earring inside of your ear lobe, it becomes crucial to securely close them. Just like you opened the hoop, push the open loop back into the end to close the earrings. Make sure to check the closing before you go out. 

7. Properly Take Off and Store your Earrings 

When it’s time to take your hoop earrings off, make sure you are just as cautious as you were while putting them in. Open the hoop as you did in the beginning. Get the other end out of your ear lobes safely and ensure that there is enough room for the same. Clean earrings after taking them off.

If you notice any discomfort or pain, look for any discharge or blood and seek medical attention. Before you put your earring in again, make sure to give your ears some time to heal. Eventually, do not forget to store your pair of hoop earrings properly to avoid tarnishing them. 

Quick Steps to Put in Different Types of Hoop Earrings

Endless Hoop Earrings 

Infinity hoops or endless hoop earrings are simple to open, like wire-loop earrings, as they come with a pin that slides into the tube of these hoops. 

  1. Slightly pull one end away from the tube with little pressure.
  2. Twist the end in the opposite direction, not horizontally.
  3. Once open, put it into your piercing using a mirror. 
  4. Once inserted, push the earring post back into the tube. 
  5. Make sure to close the hoop securely

Hinged Hoop Earrings

It is quite simple to open and close hinged hoop earrings as they come with a hinged clasp. 

  1. Pull the hinge back with little pressure until it clicks and leaves the gap
  2. Twist the earrings if you feel the gap is less for your ear lobes
  3. Place the earrings through your ear lobes and push them in
  4. Close the hinge securely 


  1. If your Huggies have a bar end, open the end with a slight pull. 
  2. If they come with an additional clasp, open them like hinged hoop earrings.
  3. They can be fiddly, so put them around your ear lobes and push them through your piercing.
  4. Close them securely. 

Wire-loop Earrings

The steps for putting in wire-loop earrings have already been discussed in the beginning.  

Wrapping Up

With just a few simple steps for putting hoop earrings, you can wear your favorite pair easily. It is essential to identify the type of hoops you own and open them accordingly.

With this guide, you might have hopefully gotten an insight into different types of hoop earrings and the quick process of wearing them. Apart from learning how to put in hoop earrings, it is also very important to sanitize them and store them properly. 

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Can you put a Hoop Earring in right away?

You can't put in hoop earrings right after your new piercings as they are much more substantial. You can only put them after your piercings have healed, as they can hurt the tissue of your ear lobes. 

Can I put a Hoop in after the Piercing?

Six months after getting your piercings done for ear lobes, you can put on a hoop earring instead of light studs once your tissue has completely healed. For cartilage piercings, this period is 12 months.

Why can't you have a Hoop as your first Piercing?

After your first piercing, wearing hoops right away as initial jewelry will be inappropriate since your piercings might not have healed completely. It is better to have light studs as your first piercing.

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