Sapphire: Healing Properties, Uses & Benefits

Sapphire: Healing Properties, Uses & Benefits

The Sapphire is a beautiful stone that's steeped in history and lore. Sapphires are beautiful stones with a rich history and cultural significance.

Various religious groups have used them to symbolize various concepts, including redemption, wisdom, royalty, and more.


A gemstone of bluish-violet color, Sapphire has been highly valued and treasured since antiquity.

To the ancients and medieval world, the Sapphire of heavenly blue signified the height of celestial hope and faith and was believed to bring protection, good fortune, and spiritual insight. The Egyptians considered sapphires to symbolize power, strength, kindness, and wise judgment.

What does Sapphire mean?

Sapphire is a crystal that comes in many colors. Some may be transparent, others opaque, while others may have a prismatic or bipyramidal shape. It may also form a granular or massive habit.

Sapphire ranges in color from pink, green, blue, yellow, purple, gray, and black. Each colored Sapphire has unique properties of its own as well.


Different colored sapphires have different properties as well. 


For example, Blue sapphires are often confused with aquamarines, but they have the property that they are tricky to identify other than by their blue tint. Pink sapphires are often mistaken for rubies, but they can be distinguished by their solid pink tint, which is not present in rubies.


Sapphires range in hue from pale to deep azure or dark royal blue. They are also found in a cornflower blue, which can be called Kashmir or bleu de Roi. Sapphire is derived from the Greek word “sappheiros,” roughly translated as “bluestone.” 

What does Sapphire do?

Sapphires are most potent when it comes to protection. Their soothing light can help ease the pain of being subjected to any attack, whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.


Sapphire is an excellent stone to wear when interacting with others or in front of large audiences. You will feel more confident as you give the meaning and depth of your word. 


Sapphire is an exceptional stone that is known to help calm and focus the mind, allowing for a release of mental tension and unwanted thoughts. 

It also encourages opening the mind to beauty and intuition, bringing lightness and joy as it restores balance within the body.


Use Blue Sapphire to help you pursue your spiritual ambitions. This stone is also great for helping you to stick to your routine, whether this means making sure you keep up with the daily grind of working on a project that requires a lot of focus and dedication.


If you're going through a difficult period of transition, then Blue Sapphire will let you see things as they are while assisting you with setting and accomplishing goals so that you can keep things on track and stay where you want to be when all is said and done.


Sapphires are a known symbol of integrity. They're also often called 'The Stone of Success' because of the positive and prosperous vibrations they release. 

Since Sapphires traditionally were worn when signing treaties, this stone can also be used when contract or payment negotiations occur, as it encourages creativity, honesty, and positivism in business relationships.


Blue Sapphire is a corundum form that naturally stores and amplifies healing energies. Blue Sapphire works well with reiki healers as it helps to increase the vibrations of the energy being channeled into the healer to have a more significant healing effect.


Blue Sapphire symbolizes love, commitment, and fidelity. This gemstone also protects the wearer from quarrels and disagreements, whether with a spouse or family.


Blue Sapphire brings harmony to romantic relationships previously affected by discord. Sapphires are an exceptional gift during the honeymoon period when a deep connection between partners is most needed.


As a support gem, the Sapphire helps you become aware of higher principles, stimulates wisdom, and increases discernment among researchers, executives, and ministers. The Sapphire also increases discernment in journalists and lawyers.


Blue Sapphire can be worn as a crystal by female entrepreneurs to assist them with keeping track of their many responsibilities so they don't feel overwhelmed. 


If you're a female entrepreneur and want to succeed but remain true to your ideals and principles, consider wearing Blue Sapphire because it will help you achieve that. 

This is because of its remarkable ability to create an honest environment for those who wear it, which, unfortunately, only some have.


How to use Sapphire?

Sapphire is by far the most popular and the most prized of all the gemstones that are used in engagement rings. Even today, it creates a sensational effect on other people because of its elegant beauty and lovely luster in jewelry, delicate art pieces, etc.


Sapphire can bless your journeys and enhance them when placed in the northern areas of your home or office. 

The journeys you take could be literal or metaphorical - either way, Sapphire is a great reminder to make the most of every day and to enjoy the road.


If you place the Sapphire on the Eastern side, that will impact your wisdom. Placing on the Southern side will increase your capacity to access love.


Having several petite sapphires of various colors scattered throughout your home or business will create a balanced energy flow. Having an exceptional Sapphire with you will help attract success and positivity and enhance all human relationships.


Types of Sapphire

Though all Sapphires may look the same, they are pretty different. These gemstones vary in many subtle visual ways, which makes them unique and beautiful.

Black Sapphire

Black Sapphire allows one to access their inner wisdom. It is protective and grounding and can be used as a talisman by those seeking employment. It also soothes anxiety, relieves sorrow, and exorcizes emotional negativity.

Green Sapphire

Green Sapphire crystal helps us to feel safe and secure. It makes us aware of how our actions affect those around us. 

Green Sapphire crystal can provide emotional support during challenging times! 

It generally facilitates positive improvements in how we operate on an unconscious level.

Orange Sapphire

Orange or Padparadscha Sapphires can bestow the wisdom of loving creation from the heart out into the world. 

This stone unites one’s creativity and spirituality and will be a talisman for artists, writers, and singers.

Pink Sapphire

Pink Sapphires embody the wisdom of strength. They are associated with love, forgiveness, and releasing the burdens of the past. 

They carry a deep sense of acceptance and understanding while encouraging love and honor.

Violet Sapphire

Violet Sapphire helps you take advantage of this moment of spiritual awakening. It uses its purity to stimulate meditation and deepen one’s inner connection with the Universe. 

The stone helps people reach a higher state of consciousness to overcome negative emotions by initiating spiritual clarity and inner peace.

White Sapphire

White Sapphire is known to increase clarity, focus, and integrity. It helps one overcome the most significant challenges that seem too difficult to handle. People who wear White Sapphire are known for their inner resolve.

Yellow Sapphire

Yellow sapphires are known for their wisdom and prosperity-inducing properties. 

Additionally, they align one’s solar plexus with aspirations and goals, assisting the entrepreneur in bringing their creativity out of the ashes of stress, melancholy, and dissatisfaction.

Sapphire Wealth Benefits

Sapphire is an abundance stone with mighty benevolence, always attracting prosperity. Not only does this one aid in integrity in business, but it will also bring opportunities to help your business grow.


Your mind will focus on what you need to prioritize more when it comes to your financial life, and it will also help to enhance your mental clarity around any problems that might arise.


Blue Sapphire can be traced back to the ancients in its use as a gem due to its deep blue color. For centuries, it has been used as a gem of royalty and is associated with power and authority.


Sapphire Love Benefits

Sapphire is a heart-based stone. This means it will be a soothing tonic when dealing with painful memories or emotions.


Sapphire may encourage that every lousy feeling will eventually disappear if you give it some time. The pain will disappear if you take the proper steps to help yourself cope with or overcome the pain.


The energy of Sapphire looks to show you how you can have better self-esteem and know why you are worth your time, money, and effort.


This crystal reminds us to stay true to our commitments and go the extra mile when necessary. It reminds you not to break your promises or be dishonest, making an excellent gift to give your partner.


Sapphire's energies will give you an honest perspective on your partner and relationship. 

This may not always be easy to hear, but you must remember that the things your partner has said or done are authentic and genuine. 

Learn from this information and use it to improve your relationship without running away from things because they aren't always pretty or comfortable.


Sapphire can be used to promote faithfulness in someone you love or someone you know is dishonest. When using crystals, becoming more patient and respectful is possible if replacing those negative traits with positive ones.


You will soon learn how to break out of unhealthy boundaries and make room for healthier ones that grow stronger by constantly holding them in place with robust foundation holds.

Sapphire Physical Healing Properties

Sapphire has healing powers that heal many health problems that the human body may encounter during its life. It is believed to be able to cleanse unwanted energies from an individual, as well as assist with helping them feel rested at night.


Sapphire has had some powerful effects on the human body. 

It is an alternative medicine believed to improve thyroid features, treat swollen glandular issues, help with speech and hearing concerns and provide relief in cases of dementia and degenerative diseases.

Sapphire Emotional Healing Properties

Sapphire offers us freedom from our “inner prisons,” allowing us to open up and become inspirational persons who know that we can improve our lives with enough discipline and dedication.


In other words, the balance may be restored within one's body where emotional issues may have otherwise been wreaking havoc on one's well-being if left untended.


Sapphire is ideal for people who are influenced by the opinions of others. This stone encourages strong self-confidence and independence of thought, which can help those easily swayed by the opinions of others better understand their views and beliefs. This will, in turn, lead to enhanced self-expression. 

Final Thoughts on the Power of Sapphire

Sapphire is the perfect accessory for anyone, regardless of age. It's a potent and valuable talisman that can protect you from negative energy in your environment and bring about positive changes when you carry it within your personal space.

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