Can you Shower with Gold Plated Jewelry?

Can you Shower with Gold Plated Jewelry?

Do you love gold-plated jewelry like rings and bracelets? Do you like to wear them often? Wondering if you can shower with gold-plated jewelry? 

Well, yes, you can shower with gold-plated jewelry, but it is not recommended. Showering with gold-plated jewelry will cause the outer gold coating to wear off, resulting in dull and tarnished jewelry. 

What is Gold Plated Jewelry?

Gold-plated jewelry is made using base metals like copper or silver. It is finished with a gold coating to make it look like real gold, unlike solid gold jewelry with more gold and very little base metal.  It is budget-friendly, stylish, and resembles real gold jewelry in many ways.  

The piece is dipped in gold or gold-colored alloy for coating. It is shot with an electric current to initiate a chemical reaction to ensure that the base metal holds the gold coating firmly. Note that gold-plated jewelry has a thin layer of real gold and is different from fake gold jewelry.  


Can you Shower with Gold Plated Jewelry? 

Yes, you can shower with gold-plated jewelry. However, it is not advised to do so. Gold-plated jewelry has only a layer of gold, which wear off due to regular use. 

Showering with gold-plated jewelry will cause the chemicals in the water and soap to react with the outer gold coating. This will cause the gold coating to weaken and wear off over time. 

Note that gold-plated jewelry is not the same as solid gold jewelry. It is not as durable as real gold and cannot be repeatedly exposed to water. Showering with gold-plated jewelry will make it appear dull and tarnished when the gold coating wears off. 

But what about heavily Gold-Plated Jewelry? 

Heavily plated jewelry is more durable (and costly) than thinly plated ones. That said, it is still gold-plated and not made of solid gold. Wearing it in the shower will reduce its sheen. Hard water and soap will cause green and black spots on gold-plated jewelry.  

What about Gold-Filled Jewelry?

Gold-filled jewelry is costlier than Gold-plated jewelry. It is made by wrapping the base metal in a sheet of real gold or gold alloys. This can be worn in the shower, but not every day. Be it gold-filled or gold-plated, it is not what solid gold jewelry is and needs additional care. 

The bottom line is that gold-plated jewelry should not be worn in the shower if you wish it to last for a long time. Real gold jewelry also needs good care to retain its shine and luster. In the meantime, why not check out the best sellers at Bijou Limon to replace your dull and damaged jewelry?  

Can you wear Gold Plated Jewelry in a Pool or the Ocean? 

No, it is not advised to wear gold-plated jewelry in the pool. Pool water has chlorine and other chemicals that affect gold-plated jewelry and wear off the outer gold coating quickly. 

These chemicals cause a reaction when they come in contact with your jewelry. Even if you dry your gold-plated jewelry, the chemicals will continue to harm the gold coating. The gold coating can later chip off when you try to clean or brush the jewelry. 


Sea and ocean water is even more harmful to your jewelry. The salty composition will cause corrosion in most metals. When combined with the sand grains and other particles found in the ocean, your gold-plated jewelry will damage faster than ever. The salty air (sea breeze) is also not good for gold-plated jewelry. 

Solid gold and platinum are better options to wear at the beach. These metals take more time to oxidize. Also, they can be cleaned to prevent oxidation.  

Tips to Prevent Tarnish in Gold-Plated Jewelry  

With proper care, your gold-plated jewelry can last as long as your real gold jewelry while retaining its color and shine. 

  • Remove gold-plated jewelry when working with water. If you wear a gold-plated ring, remove it when you wash your hands or do the dishes. 
  • Don’t apply body lotion or other cosmetics when wearing gold-plated jewelry. Remove the jewelry, apply the lotion, allow it to dry completely, and then wear your jewelry. 
  • Wear perfume first and then wear gold-plated jewelry. Perfume can react with the gold plating and eat away at it. 
  • Store gold-plated jewelry in a small box/ pouch and keep it in a cool and dry place. Don’t leave it out in the open. 
  • Use lukewarm water and mild soap to clean gold-plated jewelry. Dry with a soft cloth or tissue paper to prevent water stains.  

Can you wear other types of Gold in the Shower?

Real Gold 

You can wear real gold jewelry in water. That said, you also need to clean off the residue to prevent the metal from losing its shine. 

White Gold 

Water doesn’t exactly harm white gold. You can wear it in the shower, though the jewelry will lose its shine (like real gold). 

Gold-Filled Jewelry 

You can wear gold-filled jewelry in showers and pools. It doesn’t get affected much, but the same rule applies here too. 

Gold Alloys 

An alloy is a mix of two or more metals. The gold alloy has gold, copper, silver, etc. Wearing this jewelry in the shower will lead to faster tarnishing.  


Regular exposure to oxygen and water will cause a tarnish on gold-plated jewelry. This turns the items green and unsuitable for use. While the tarnish is not permanent, it still reduces the life of your gold-plated jewelry. Remove it when you get into a shower or water body. 

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