Should I wear Silver or Gold Jewelry? Pick The Right One!

Should I wear Silver or Gold Jewelry? Pick The Right One!

Are you planning to step up your fashion game but wondering what type of jewelry looks good on you? Should you go with icy silver or glamorous gold? Tough choice, right?!

Not anymore, since I’ll be spilling all the tricks that you need to pick the jewelry that’ll suit you the most. From skin undertone to makeup to the color of the outfit, you will learn what is the best choice in each case. 

So without wasting more time, let’s get started!

Silver or Gold: What to Pick?

To save you time and effort, here are the rules to always pick the right colored jewelry.

Based on Skin Undertone

People have the misconception that certain colored jewelry looks good on specific skin colors. In reality, it is not the skin color but the skin undertone. It is the subtle hue you have under your skin. 

There are three types of undertones: cool, warm, and neutral. These hues influence whether specific colors make you shine or wash you out. To polish your look, you need to pick jewelry that compliments your undertone rather than contrasts it. 

Silver is a cool-toned metal, so it looks good on people with a cool undertone. On the other hand, gold has a warm yellow tone that suits people with a warm undertone. 

Lastly, for the ones with a neutral undertone, you guys are lucky cause both of them will suit you! So choose whichever you like more, or keep reading to find out how to match your jewelry with your makeup and outfit. 

How to check your Undertone? 

If the concept of undertones is new to you and you want to find out your undertone, then here are the tricks you can try.

1. Check your Veins’ color
If you have blue or purple-ish veins, you have a cool undertone. If your veins are green or olive, your undertone is warm. But if your veins look both blue and green, you have a neutral undertone. 
2. Look how you Tan
If your skin gets sunburned easily or your tan looks rosy and reddish, then you have a cool undertone. If your tan is more caramel or olive-hued, then your undertone is warm. In the case of neutral, there won’t be any particular pattern. 
3. Do a White Paper Test
Pull your hair back and stand in natural daylight with a mirror and a neutral white paper. Keep the paper next to your chin and see if your skin looks pink or yellow. If it’s pink, it’s cool, and if yellow, it’s warm. 

Based on Makeup

You wouldn’t want to restrict your choices by your undertone, so here is what you can do. Makeup is a great way to manipulate your hues and make them whatever you want. 

If you prefer gold to silver but have a cool undertone, use warm colors in your eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick. It will neutralize the cool hues on your face. 

Use an eyeshadow base and then apply earthy, warm tones to it, like bronze, gold, brown, olive, yellow, etc. For blushes, go for corals, peaches, oranges, and for lipstick, use shades like bright red, coral pinks, peachy pinks, and warm browns. 

Conversely, if you have a warm undertone and want to pull off silver, use cool-toned colors in your makeup. 

Cool-tone makeup shades include pinks, crimson red, mauves, purples, plums, cool browns, and jewel tones like emerald, sapphire, etc. You can use silver, rose gold, or iridescent shades for highlighter. 

Based on the Color of the Outfit

The easiest way to look put together is to match your jewelry with your outfit. If you already have some metal accent in your dress, you can simply match it. But if you’re wearing a plain dress, you must again stick with the color theory. 

Pair the outfits with earthy, rich tones with gold. Such colors include browns, maroons, vermilion, emerald, tan, etc., but if your outfit has more subtle pastel-like shades such as powder blue, mints, baby pink, lavender, lilac, and muted yellows, then go for silver. 

If you wear an all-black outfit, you can go with gold or silver. Both will look good. And in the case of all-white, wear gold since silver won’t stand out that much. However, with gray, silver will vibe better than gold. 

In the case of metallic dresses, you can match the jewelry's metal with the dress's color to give a more chic monochromatic look. Gold, brass, and copper are grouped as warm-toned metals, whereas silver, chrome, gun metal grey, and iridescent are the cool-toned ones. 

Why Not Mix Both? 

Honestly, those days are gone when you had to pick only one metal for your entire outfit. Right now, fashion is all about dual tones. So if you still need help picking between gold and silver, just mix them.

Disclaimer! You must be careful while doing this, or it can become a total disaster.  

The best way to do it is to pick the main metal and use the other as an accent. Like, you can wear a heavy gold chain and layer it with a dainty silver chain. Or stack some silver cuff bracelets and add a simple gold one in between them. 

Or, you can simply buy dual-toned jewelry to make things even easier. 

Final Thoughts 

I hope all these tips and tricks were helpful in getting you out of the confusion between silver and gold. Adhere to them, and you’ll never look flashy or dull because of your jewelry. 

If you’re feeling experimental but don’t have the right pieces, you can check out Bijou Limon’s elegant and chic jewelry collection. 

Written By:
Christiane Bilodeau

Traveling and exploring fashion for the last couple of decades. A passionate curator for your stylings, providing access to hundreds of the most fashionable jewelry. Rosé, parties, and bikinis are her favorites. And jewelry. FIERCE METAL GRACES HER NECK! When she`s not designing jewelry, you can find her mixing cocktails.

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