How long does it take to Resize a Ring: A Detailed Guide

How long does it take to Resize a Ring: A Detailed Guide

Resizing a ring is the job of a professional jeweler. It can be done in a few hours or may take a few weeks, depending on the ring’s design, material, original size, stone setting, and more. 

Rings are easy to downsize, while some cannot be resized at all. But how do you determine the average time required to resize a ring? 

Let’s find out. 

Factors that Affect the Time Taken to Resize a Ring 

Material of the Ring 

Materials like silver and gold are easier to work with than platinum. Resizing a yellow gold ring requires less time than downsizing rings made with platinum. However, rose gold rings cannot be resized. Titanium and tungsten cannot be reworked. 

If you are unsure of the ring size, it’s safer to buy a silver or yellow gold ring. Materials like palladium, white gold, cobalt chrome, and stainless steel are also resizable. But some (stainless steel, cobalt chrome) require more work and money than others. 

Difference in Size 

Technically, a ring can be resized only two full sizes down or up. In other cases, the jeweler will have to scrap the material and craft the ring from scratch. A larger difference in size can damage the ring’s shape and aesthetics. 

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Sizing Up or Down 

Upsizing a ring means the jeweler has to make the ring larger than its original size. Heating and stretching the ring can ruin its shape if the necessary tools are not used for the purpose. It is easier to downsize a ring and faster too. The jeweler will cut out a small portion of the metal and join the ends. 


Rings with engravings are tough to resize, and some are outright impossible. The shape, size, and cut of the engravings have to be reworked by changing the ring’s size. Laser engraving can simplify the process, but it comes with limitations. 

Stone Settings 

Rings with stone settings are the hardest to resize. The rings are designed with a focus on the stone arrangement. Any change in its size will misalign the arrangement. While some rings can still be resized, we recommend talking to the jeweler who made the ring. 

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What is the Perfect Ring Size? 

Choosing the perfect ring size will save time and money. The right size will easily slip down your finger but will show slight resistance when you take it off. There should be some play (free movement) of the ring from the base of your finger and the knuckle. 

If the ring slides off the finger with a slight movement, it is loose and needs to be downsized. If the ring has to be pushed down the finger and requires force to take it off, it has to be upsized. 

That said, weight loss/ gain will affect your ring size. Our fingers swell and shrink through the day. Rings feel tighter in the morning and looser by evening. Consider the time of the day when testing the ring size. Or buy adjustable designs like the Avryll Ring from Bijou Limon. 

How Long Does it Take to Resize a Ring? 

The time taken to resize a ring also depends on the following: 

In-Store Resizing 

It will take less time if you visit the jeweler directly at the store. Some stores have in-house experts for minor repairs and resizing and a facility for major works. You can get the ring in around a week in such instances. 

Shipping to Jeweler 

It takes more time if you, the jeweler, and the facility are located at far-off places. You have to calculate the time taken to ship the ring from one place to another. The entire process can take around three weeks. 

The Complexity of the Ring Design 

Rings made with platinum or ones with complex designs require more time for resizing. Some may take as long as six weeks or more. It is best to ask the same jeweler to resize the ring. Find another jeweler only if this option is not possible.   

Rings That Cannot be Resized 

Tension Rings 

Tension rings are designs where the gemstones are held in place by exerting a certain amount of pressure on the ring’s ends. Any alteration will disturb the tension and cause the stones to pop out or break. 

Eternity Rings 

Eternity bands are rings with gemstones set along the entire circumference. Such rings cannot be resized as there isn’t enough metal exposed for the jeweler to expand or cut. Any change will result in ruining the setting. Half-eternity rings can be resized.  

Super Thin Bands 

Thin bands are already stretched and don’t have enough metal for further stretching. The ring will not hold the same shape if you try to resize a thin band. The jeweler might downsize it, but upsizing is impossible. 

Non-Metal Rings 

Rings made of quartz, wood, plastic, etc., cannot be resized. Any material that cannot be bent, melted, or cut is not suitable for resizing. 

Ceramic Rings 

Ceramic wedding bands are made of hard material. Resizing will break it. If you plan to use ceramic rings, make sure to get the right size or buy a new one.  

Base Metal Rings 

Copper, brass, and iron are base metals. They don’t have the required metallic properties to be conducive for resizing. For example, resizing copper will bruise it, leading to damage. 


The cost of resizing a ring is directly proportional to the time taken for the process and the complexity. Measure your ring size over a week or two to determine the exact size. This reduces the need for resizing, and you don’t have to worry about the materials or design. Find the ring of your dreams from the latest collection available at Bijou Limon. 

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